Win 7 pro wants to reformat my book essentials

I have a 2 Tb my book essentials that I have been using to back up my Win 7 pro HP laptop since July of 2013.  Yesterday morning during my weekly backup we had a power failure and the my book was not on an UPS.  If I plug the drive into the same usb 3.0 port that it was plugged into at the time of the power failure, I get a number of " your drive needs to be formatted before use" messages and when the loop finally stops the drive does not show up in Windows explorer or in disk management.  If I connect the drive to a usb 2.0 or different usb 3.0 port the drive shows up ok and appears to function properly.  Does anyone know how to “rehabilitate” the usb 3.0 port that now will not recognize the drive after the 5 or 6 this drive needs to be formatted messages?  I am assuming this is a win 7 issue.  Thanks for any help that might be available.


It is possible the USB 3.0 host driver in the system, the USB 3.0 ports, and/or the USB 3.0 cable are/were affected. For testing purposes, I would suggest re-installing USB 3.0 controller drivers in your system, then proceeding to connect your disk drive. If you unfortunately encounter the same message, I would recommend testing another USB 3.0 system for similar behavior, then you may need to re-format the device on USB 3.0 mode if it does.

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