Win 7 Pro back-up to 3tb My Book Live

The back up location is not accessible. My book password will not work Help, Please?


What errors are you getting?

Try resetting the drive to see if the password is fixed

When I initially got my WBL I set up user accounts and passwords for access on it. I experienced all kinds of problems with the backups, they would start, finish, say it was good and when I logged off the machine and back on, tried to get to the backups - couldn’t find them but they still existed if I FTP’d to the drive bu the software would not see them. Finally figured out Windows must be caching my logon credentials and trying to connect with those. I went back into the WBL reset the accounts so the names and passwords matched what was on my Mac and on wife’s PC and now it seems to work fine, at least I can log of the machines, and reconnect to the backups and data reliably.

Another problem I am fighting though is I have movies in the “Public” area that it won’t let me access, copy, move, etc and those ARE the only copies I have of the data now so it is JUST a LITTLE annoying. Hope this helps you and others.

WD should specify that user ID’s and passwords should be the same in the manual.

Thank you for your help.