WIn 7 PC and Mac combatablity of WD- portable drive

I have My passport , 1TB harddrive. Can i connect  this to WIn PC ( WIn 7) or  iMAC (OS Maverics)  ?

Where can i get the adapter for iMAC in market?

Hope to hear


You do not need an adapter. You only need to properly partition and format the disk drive using a file system structure supported by both systems. Please visit the following link for additional information:

I run an imac and two laptops, one windows 7 and one with windows 8.

Your portable drive will be formatted either for windows or mac

open it in your mac

drag any apps inthe drive onto your desktop where they will be copied and leave them there

exit the drive

open disck utilities and locate your drive

click on partition

partition the disc as you wish, probably best with just one partition to start

click on apply and choose GUID partition

click on ok

then format the disk

choose exFat

then when it’s done click on ok

open the drive again

drag the apps back off the desktop into the drive

then close the drive

you can trash the apps remaining on your desktop

the drive will then work with either your mac or your windows pc

the whole process  takes less than five minutes