Win 7 Installer doesn't recognise WD10EARS-00Y5B1

Hi :slight_smile:

I have a new 1TB EARS HDD, and I want to install WIN7.

I am booting the computer from the CD Drive with the WIN7 install disk. The install program asks me where I want to install windows, but it doesn’t recognise the EARS disk, at all. It recognises other disks conected to the computer. I tried with all other disks disconnected but but there was no change.

The BIOS recognises the EARS disk as a 1TB drive.

I have another HD, and I installed WIN7 on it just to test, the EARS disk is connected as slave and the OS recognises it.

Why won’t it recognise the disk during installation??


So… no one knows?

I read many similar problems in this and other forums about this series.

It’s a **bleep** shame.

Just to help out…  If the drive is working okay when you connect it as a secondary, that’s usually an indication that it may not be the drive.   Here are a couple of things that I would consider doing:

  1. Connect the drive to either an XP or Vista pc, run WD’s DLG Diagnostics, and write zero’s to the drive.  Also run both quick and extended tests on the drive.  No sense in wasting time if the drive is no good.
  2. How old is the pc?  See if there are any bios updates for your pc and install them.  Your bios may have a drive size limitation on it.
  3. Check in your bios to make sure that you aren’t using a raid sata port to install the drive on.  Raid ports can definitely have drive size limitations on them.


I’ll run the tests you mentioned, and I’ll also try updating the BIOS, though it’s a brand you motherboard and the BIOS does recognise the 1T drive, Like I said, it’s the windows installer that fails to find it.