Win 7 Backup and Restore Image Fails on Second Backup

So, I have two old Passport drives that I have been using to perform Windows backups from the inception of Windows XP until my current Win 7 computer to do image and files backups (using Windows backup software) without a single hitch backing up or restoring either files or complete images.

So I just purchased a new My Passport 1 TB drive (Model WDBBEP0010BBK-NESN) because I needed more space, ran a Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit CONTROL PANEL > BACKUP and RESTORE (Full Image plus File Backup). It ran fine on 12-28-2012. So I wanted to run a full image again on 01-25-2013 and now it fails with a bright red “FAIL!” no matter what I try. I get several different error messages in the event viewer so that it is hard to isolate the problem, although the backup failure points to checking the VSS and SPP errors. Now, just to verify it is related to the new drive, I performed backups with my old drives again and they are still working flawlessly.

I have tried:

  1. USB 2 port on motherboard and USB 3 port on add-in card. I don’t have a spare USB 3 cable to try.

  2. Verified latest firmware on passport (reloaded to make sure it was OK).

  3. Verified latest firmware on motherboard.

  4. Verified I have all the latest WD software.

  5. The drive’s SMART, quick drive test and long drive test passed.

  6. Verified plenty of space on drive being backup up from and to.

The only similar problem I noticed on the forum was that some people were having problems backup up .pst files (only works the first time, but not subsequent backups), but I have no .pst files.  I am going to run scandisk and sfc on the drives next, but I am out of ideas.

scandisk and sfc showed no errors.  My backup ran OK today.  I am going to do a backup once a day to see if the failure shows up again.  Perhaps the drive is failing.

Try to reformat the drive.