Win 10 update or new wireless modem problem or ...?

My problem is a little different from anything I have read here, but I think the issue is most likely related to the most recent Windows update, as my WD Player was working fine after I installed my new modem. However, I had several networking problems with the modem, so I am uncertain. Still, after rebooting following the latest update, my ethernet connected PC could no longer access the NAS attached to the WD Player (using the wireless modem to make the con.

What’s different is, when I bring up the network, I can see the media device WDTVLIVE AND the WDTVLIVE “computer”, which I guess is really the interface of the player and the drive which allows access to the latter from my PC (previously, when I clicked on the icon, the drive would come up with all its subfolders).

I have turned on every sharing option I can find, made sure SMB1 client and server are activated, diagnosed and trouble shot, etc., etc., but when I click on that icon I get the long, slow green bar and “Windows cannot access WDTVLIVE. There may be a problem with your network.”

Anyone have an idea what’s gone wrong or a solution?

I should add that the WD player can access and play anything that is already on the drive and I can also stream to it from the PC. I just can’t access anything on the drive from the PC.

You should try to check after the reset of WD TV LIve and then check for the issue. You can refer below link for more details:

Thanks, but that didn’t work. I also thought that would roll back my firmware, but it still says 1.06, interestingly. Any other thoughts?

I still find it strange that the WD Live Plus is still connected to Windows on the computer for streaming and can access its usb connected drive and play files, but Windows can’t get through it to access the drive, even though it sees it. I just don’t know what has changed to suddenly prevent what worked before. Only problem I had was when my VPN was running, but shutting it off has not made a difference.

I’d also like to know if anyone else had this problem or something similar after the Oct 9 updates (KB4100347 and KB4462930) and if you’ve found a solution.

Still wondering if anyone else has recently lost connectivity with their WD Player attached drive?

As an update, I set windows services item Volume Shadow Copy to automatic on advice from MS and the drive/computer is no longer showing up in Network. The player is still showing up as a media device, however, and functioning as such.