Win 10 system goes to sleep while WD Backup is running

This is getting really annoying. I’m using a default Balanced power plan, with 1 hour of wait time set. You’d think that Windows 10 would be smart enough to know not to go to sleep when a backup is running. Any ideas how to resolve this would be very much appreciated (other than the obvious of setting sleep to “Never”).



Is this your first backup? How much do you have to backup? Why not give it several hours before going to sleep? See example image below.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

It is the first backup that I’m running since I reformatted my drive. I’ve got about 1.5TB of data to backup.

Yeah. I know that I can change the amount of time it waits before going to sleep. (I’m a pretty experienced Windows user) That’s actually what I ended up doing after posting. Thanks for taking time to reply…