WIN 10 & Smartware

Sorry if this is already posted - I could not locate a post.
Since updating to WIN 10, Smartware no longer recognizes my 2TB MyCloud device. Hence, no backups for a while - I had to DL new BU software. I can access through a mapped drive and the other MyCloud apps. Any ideas would be very welcomed!
Thanks in advance! – Steve

I’m having a similar issue. I updated my computer to Windows 10 and was able to backup to My Cloud, even after updating the firmware. Then I shutdown the drive because I was relocating my router and the drive to a new location in my house and now I can’t connect access the drive in SmartWare to perform a backup.

If the My Cloud is not configured with a static IP it is possible, when the My Cloud is restarted, it obtained a different IP address which causes computers to have trouble in certain instances of accessing the My Cloud. One can check their router to see what IP address it has given the My Cloud and use that new IP address in their web browser to access the My Cloud if a network scan doesn’t find the My Cloud device on the local network.