Win 10 Notification: Scan disk for errors

I purchased a My Book 4TB in December (Win 10 compatible). No problems with the install, operation, etc. In February, my computer HD crashed and had to be rebuilt. At that time I upgraded from Win 7 to 10. Things have been fine since then until about a month or two ago when I started getting daily Win 10 notifications that I needed to scan my My Book for errors. This has been done several times without any resulting notification of an error being found – or notification of any outcome/result. To the best of my knowledge, my MY Book is working/backing up fine…and I have the latest update.

Any suggestions?


Hi there,

Does this message come up every time you turn on the computer or if the computer is woken up?

Hi! I probably need to clarify: When I log in (usually in the morning) after the computer has been idle for a while – I have sleep mode off and never turn off the computer, the Action Center notification icon on the bottom bar is usually whited out. When I click on it, the Action Center opens up and gives me a “Scan drive for errors” message. This morning, it indicated that this message was posted the previous day.

Hope that helps.