Win 10 not recognizing MyCloud

I have tried every advice I have found in this community, but to no avail. After a clean install of Win 10, my laptop is unable to find and connect to MyCloud.

The MyCloud unit is connected to the router with an ethernet cable, as before, and the laptop connects to the router over wifi, also as before. The router clearly show that MyCloud is connected and is provided an IP address.

I have tried connecting MyCloud directly to the laptop with the ethernet cable, but the laptop still does not recognize the unit.

I have tried the quick reset and the 40-sec resent of the unit, to no avail.

I have installed WD Access on the laptop, but to no avail.

It worked perfectly until the Win 10 installation.


If you haven’t seen the following two posts/discussions you may want to review the suggestions them on getting Windows 10 to see the My Cloud on the local network.