(Win 10) Error Transferring Files to External HD

Hello All,

I’ve been having new issues with transferring files onto external HD’s, and I think it’s related to Win10. I transfer the files, load into my WDTV, and then nothing shows up. Hard drive in my computer shows they’re on there. I’ve been reading some of the other posts on here that mention the issue, but the solution doesn’t seem clear. One suggestion is to make sure to eject safely, another is to do checkdisk… but I’m still having trouble.

Anybody else experiencing similar issues? Any fixes?




I recommend you try formatting the drive and then transferring the files again. Also make sure to always eject the drive safely.

@Hamlet I’ve had mixed luck on that front… sometimes works, sometimes does not. What format type would you do?

Hello again,

NTFS should work without issues.

See my post here. You have to use CHKDSK to scan the external hard drive while plugged into a non-Win10 PC. Something about Win 10 is causing some type of scan issue when externals are plugged into the WD TV after connections to Win10 PC.