Win 10 Disk Manager does not recognise the new WD2003FZEX


i installed the new WD2003FZEX HDD as internal drive. both BIOS and Device Manager (under Disk Drives) show up the hew HDD.

however, Disk Manager does not show it.

i have 3 HDDs in my computer. as an experiment, to eliminate the possibility of cable issues, cable from a working HDD was connected to the new HDD. results were the same as described above.

any recommendations on how to activate
the new HDD?

thank you

well problem was resolved by searching in Win 10 for topic “new disk”. acronis software came up (acronis back up software is used on that computer). after selecting the new hdd and following prompts, disk was formatted and now “visible” in disk manager and in windows explorer. the end of the problem!