Will YouTube Support Continue in the WD TV LIVE


I am curious if YouTube support will continue with the WD TV LIVE? Apparently, YouTube/Google has demanded that other companies such as Popcorn Hour remove YouTube access from their machines. I purchased the WDTV LIVE a few weeks ago and currently have firmware version 1.01.11 and I am not able to access any of the YouTube functionality.

Could someone from Western Digital please comment on the status of YouTube implementation current/future on the WD TV LIVE.

Thank you,

Robert Pfeifer



The main reason I purchased WD TV live is because of youtube videos. Please let us know if you will continue support. I do not mind small ads before every video if it has to be that way !

I wanted to mention that I am able to search & view youTube videos. What I am NOT able to do is signin to my account . I have the same version of firmware. I hope you are connected to the internet either wired or wireless. I have ethernet hooked up.

Are you using your Youtube username? Please note that gmail username doesn’t work in WDTVLive.

oh, thats why my youtube account in my wdtv live is useless :smiley:

I am using my gmail username. I will create one in youtube and see if the account signin works. Right now the box reboots if I signin.

Also I would like to see if someone can WD can assure that we will continue to have youTube on the Live. Otherwise I want to return it and get a netgear player. Please look at the following URL.