Will wireless adapter work for me?


 after having tried my best to find the right combo to buy, i have to rely on my experienced mates on this forum to answer my queries. Im planning to buy a router and a wifi adapter for my wdtv live. As of now, it will be to play internet radio, and some movies from my laptop. my questions(and this thread has the potential to help a lot of networking newbies): -

  1. What is the potential of a n-router and g-adapter to play  (a) HD (b) songs on radio/shared drive © youtube. and yes, as i keep getting posted all over the country, going wired is not an option for me.

  2. how is the asus RT n-13 router going to work with the asus usb mini adapter?

  3. Can i have a router and adapter of different brands? im also looking at the buffalo HP G300 NH, even though it is much more than the asus price…

  4. Does FTP file sharing work with WDTV? cos thats wat teh ASUS has got…

Thanx in adv…!

Believe or not, most of the router will work with the WD TV Live, it is not limited to the listed ones, were you need to be careful and select one that shows in the compatibility list, is with the USB wireless.

hi… i think ur spot on correct.  anyways, my asus RT N13 has arrived and im waiting for the ASUS usb N10 adapter. It is there on the new list of compatible adapters … not too sure about the versions though as no version detail is there in the WD list… will keep everyone updated on how it goes…