Will we ever be able to sync a directory between multiple computers - the sorry state of WDSync

I’m curious how many developers are on the software development team. The reason is I’ve needed to keep coming back to this forum to solve problems about my 4TB MyCloud and it seems like issues never get solved.

Take multiple computers syncing through WDSync - based on posts on this forum it seems like this problem has persisted for two years now. I get that Western Digital is not a software company, so turnaround on bug fixes and feature requests are not going to be as fast as the big internet companies or even open-source projects on GitHub.

At the same time though, I’d argue that MyCloud is WD’s flagship consumer product and many people have been lured into buying one thinking they’ll get the ease and convenience of Dropbox/Google Drive with the security of physical storage at home. But this forum is littered with disappointed customers who discover bugs around every corner while using MyCloud, myself included!

I think I can speak for many others when I say I just want WDSync to correctly sync a directory between two computers through MyCloud and keep a backup on MyCloud. I don’t doubt the technical challenges involved, but since WD markets MyCloud as giving people access to their files anywhere, anytime, it seems reasonable to make this feature actually work.

Instead, the problem doesn’t get solved for two years despite many sorely disappointed customers coming here for answers. And the last time a new version of WDSync was released was over half a year ago!

Can someone at WD respond to this? Will this problem ever be addressed? Even if the answer if no or if it’s being put off, I want to know.

It’s all about expectations and I can safely say MyCloud is the most disappointing tech product I’ve ever bought because it promised so much.


I recommend you contact support about this.