Will WD update software so that we can "select all", "download all" files?

It seems to be impossible to “select all”, and “download all” files at once. I want to share a folder full of hundreds of pictures with a friend. After they click the link that I shared with them, they then have to select each picture individually to download. That’s crazy! It seems like a “select all” for download should be the most basic of features. Why wouldn’t this be an option? The only way to seemingly get around this problem is to invite them to be a family user, have them download the desktop app, and then map the network drive. That’s a lot of hoops and kind of defeats the point of being able to just share a link for them to download from. One of the major reasons I bought this product is to be able to share pictures with friends. If they have to download hundreds and hundreds of pictures individually, this is going to be a problem. Does anyone know if WD is working to fix this problem? I would appreciate a response from WD, or from anyone who may know. This is so fundamental.

that is currently the way share links work. I would suggest posting this feature request in the My Cloud Home Ideas board

What WD device do you own? Are you sharing through files.mycloud.com? I have a WD My Cloud 1st generation and have shared a folder of pictures with my brother and his wife before and they just opened up the folder and then looked at each picture.

Thank you drlucky. Will do. It seems like a no-brainer to me.

cat0w, I have a 6TB My Cloud Home. I can share a folder, but when my friends open the folder from the link I send them, they cannot download all of the contents in that folder, unless they click and download each file individually, one by one. If you have several hundred pics from a vacation, this becomes a herculean task.