Will wd tv play 64 Mbps file


Will wd tv play this file from usb?

*** General Parameters ***

  • Name: x.mov 

  • Container:  MOV - QuickTime 

  • Size:  4,005 GB 

  • Duration:  8mn 23s 

  • Bitrate:  63.7 Mbps 

*** Video Track Parameters ***

  • Format:  MPEG-4 video 

  • Bitrate:  Max.: — / Average: 62.2 Mbps / Min.: — 

  • Frame rate (fps):  Max.: — / Average: 25.000 / Min.: — 

  • Encoding profile:  Advanced Simple@L3 

  • Image size:  1024*720 

  • Pixel Aspect Ratio:  Undefined 

  • Display Aspect Ratio:  1.422 

  • Interlacing:  Progressive 

*** First Audio Track Parameters ***

  • Format:  Uncompressed PCM 

  • Bitrate:  1 536 Kbps 

  • Resolution:  16 bits 

  • Rate:  48.0 KHz 

  • Channel(s):  2 (stereo) 

  • Position:  Front: L R 



that is a really shoddy encoded file !  :dizzy_face:  so many things wrong

Let me say NO … for a number of reasons

1)  PCM Audio is not Supported in a *.mov container

Page 219 in the User Manual : http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/UM/ENG/4779-705123.pdf

  1. Maximum Bit Rate is  40 Mps for HD       Page 220 in the User Manual

  2. Image Size / Aspect Ratio is Wonky … 1024x720 ??  it should at Least be 1280 x720

  3. Lastly 4GB for a 8 Min Video file !!!  W…T…F

whoever encoded this file should be shot  retire :wink:

  1. Who encodes to MOV / Quicktime anymore ?  … MP4 is the standard for Apple/PC cross-compatability

P.S. if you post a mediainfo output logfile (instead of using VLC)  there will most probably be a ton of other things wrong with the file.


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Thanks a lot for the reply.

I got the file information from an artist. I know it is a fu**** up encoding. But I am getting the file on a usb stick a few days before the exhibition is opening and the exhibition space only have a wd tv as a media player.

sorry, did’nt mean to sound too harsh :smiley:

you will definately have to re-encode it to make it compatible with the WDTV (and any other Media Player for that matter)


Handbrake : https://handbrake.fr/


Avidemux : http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/

you will also end up with a lot smaller file … probably around 200-300Mb, and the quality should look the same … also …compress the Audio as well … either AC3, AAC or MP3

once you done that, if you want … upload it to a mediahost eg. mediafire  https://www.mediafire.com/

Contact me via PM (top right of screen ) and send me the videolink

Then i can test the file on my various WDTV’s (Gen1, Live, Live Hub, 2014 WDTV) and see if the file plays ok

only If you want to … the offer is there (and privacy will be respected)