Will WD TV Live stream over 5ghz with a wireless network adaptor?

I bought a WD TV Live device for the sole purpose of streaming media from my laptop.

I am aware that it picks up my 2.4ghz  wifi but I want to know IF IT WILL BE PICK UP 5GHZ wifi if I plug a WD approved (from the list) dual band USB adaptor in the back of it?

Thanks in advance

no it will not work, since the WD SMP does not have any supported adaptors

it has internal 2.4ghz only

This is another good reason to use the player in a wired config instead of a wireless config.  My primary players (a WD and a Roku) are wired, and I use my 5G wireless on the tablets to connect to the network, and get the full bennies of a 5G connection when using the players…  I have a second WD player that is using wireless at N300, and well, it’s not as fast and I sometimes see the difference when streaming to it from other WD drive.