Will WD TV Live play my AVCHD home video files?

I am thinking about getting  WD TV Live.  I need to know, will it play my AVCHD home video files?  These videos files were taken in 1920x1080 60p, from my Panasonic HD camcorder.  They have the extension of m2ts.  They are at 59 frames/sec. with a bit rate of 26542kbps.  I have them stored on an External Hard drive. 

If they play, I assume that I would just plug the Hard drive into the WD TV Live via a USB drive?


The WD TV Live SMP (and the life and life plus for that matter) can play AVCHD using the extension M2TS, now  I have read that they have issues when the movies come from Panasonic HD Camcorder.

Can you post the media info of one of your movies?


I have multiple AVCHD files ( ~ 1TB) with varying frame rate and profiles…(mostly fast-motion sporting events…)

This is  data from a Canon HD camcorder.

No problems playing any of these files.

My experience is that it plays them but it takes about 30 seconds to start playing once you select a file and press “play”.  It is a major neusance for me since much of my home video is 1-2 minute clips.

Never had any problems with lag on this format… maybe  5s tops…

I can play AVCHD files. Even my sony camcoreder write as subtitles time and date and i can on or off this informaction from my WD TV Live. Perfect player. Buy this and enjoy :slight_smile:

Can someone help me:

How can i skip the chapter and play the next? My AVCHD camcoreder is Sony HDR-CX130 add when select 10-th chapter the WD TV Live play from begining. Are you have the same problem? If i rename the files i can play any file separately.

I copy entire content of PRIVATE folder on my HDD and play via LAN (shared folder)

(Sorry 4 my eng)