Will WD My passport work with a PC too?


Im wanting to buy a WD pasport to use with my mac. I have seen the one i want but before i buy it i just have a few questions.

Will the WD my pasport for mac work with a PC? I always need to transfer files to and from PC’s and Mac’s so i would like it to be able to do this. If not, is there anything i can do to make it compatable with both? FTA32 seems to have many limitations. What are they. Will it cause me problems? How do i do it.

Sorry, im new to this.

Please help!

You can reformat the drive to FAT 32 for use with both Mac and PC, and you can do it on the Mac.  However, there is a 4 GB file size limitation on FAT 32 files.  Also, keep in mind that when you are transferring files between Mac and PC, there is always the chance that the files may become corrupted.  You will need to keep backups of all the files you’re transferring between the two computers to prevent data loss.  When you format in Mac, make sure to choose Master Boot Record for the FAT 32 file format. 

How to format in Windows and Mac


Note: if you have any data on the drive, that you need, you must copy if off or it will be wiped out.