Will wd my book studio lose its data when i re-instal smartware on osx 10.5.8

Hi all

I recently cleaned out my mac and gave it a fresh install of OSX 10.5.8.

All my data was backed up on my book prior to fresh system instal, I now have to reinstal the WD Smartware which is on the drive itself, when I hit instal it asks me which drive to configure, if I select my book will this install erase all my back up data or is it just so the software can configure to the mac OS and the external drive?

Also having to run it on usb as for some reaason the firewire 400 is not picking up the external WD My book studio.

Some advice would be good before I delete my data by mistake.

Thanks for your help

No, the information will remain on the drive.

Software will be install on your computer to work with the external drive…