Will WD be releasing a 1TB WD Node Zero "W"

I have purchased a 1TB Pi Drive and set up my project using this and a Pi 3. However things would be much neater if WD were to produce a 1TB WD Node Zero “W” (as I need the built in Pi Wireless/Bluetooth and slightly more disk space than 314 MB).
I have looked on this forum and see that people are swapping the Node Zero Pi and disk with mixed success.
It would be easier if WD made a 1TB WD Node Zero “W” - OR - just sold the bits to make one.

Hi, here’s the latest from the WDLabs lab bench- products in the works:

Node Zero adapter kit: this is the PiDrive Node Zero without Pi Zero, PiDrive and HDMI mini to HDMI standard adapter cable.

Node CM adapter kit: this uses the Node Zero USB adapter board and adds a custom board that looks like Pi Zero on one end and has the SODIMM receptacle for CM on the other end. The assembly stays in the same rectangular footprint and Z-height as Node Zero. It has an SDcard receptacle (for CM3 Lite), CSI camera port (same form factor as Pi Zero) and GPIO support.

PiDrive Pocket Compute: this puts a PiDrive and a Pi Zero W in your pocket. It’s a mounting frame that matches the form factor of iPhone Plus that contains a PiDrive (250GB - 1TB) and a Pi Zero W. Users can purchase off-the-shelf iPhone cases (wallet case is a nice option) and the device will fit. Best use case is as a headless server (although HDMI is available), e.g. WiFi drive/NAS, remote apt package repository, RACHEL-PI server, etc. Playback personal videos, photos, music to your mobile device while traveling.

We have beta test units available for these. If you (or other forum members) have a good application and would like to try one or more of these forthcoming products and report your experience to the forum, please send me an email describing what you’d like to do. My email: dave.chew@wdc.com.


Hi everyone,

Forum member Fred_Hopper was interested in testing the “PiDrive Pocket Compute” platform mentioned in my earlier post, so I sent him a kit and he created a great project with it: a music server for your pocket! Fred wrote up a super tutorial and with his permission, we’re posting it at the link below. Please check it out. Fred said he’d be happy to try to answer any questions.

Thanks a lot Fred!!

Link to tutorial: