Will twonky v6 be in the next firmware? When can we expect this?

I’\ve heard twonky v6 fixes the slow photo loading speeds and complete pauses when you go back and forth when viewing over dlna, will it be in the next firmware and when will that be?



have you read the firmware horror stories here? upgrade and watch you mbw become useless.

I actually only purchased my nas last week  and upgraded to the latest firmware with no troubles.

I did however notice that the twonky media server is out  of date it’s version 5.19 or something and there is a version 6 that works much better.

I have problems viewing photos through my ps3, it’s very slow and sometimes freezes.  I have all the ports opened for the ps3 and i have it in the dmz even.  Videos and music is sweet as though.

My connection is wired, which I recommend.  I started out over wireless n, big mistake…