Will this work as an internal drive

I gave up on my other thread asking a simple question no one will answer. Please do not point me to ANY OTHER NIGHTMARE RABBIT HOLE THREADS. I am only here because WD is Dying and no longer gives new product support to 25 year long dedicated customers. WHAT IS INSIDE THIS MY CLOUD drive, will it work INTERNALLY. I DON’T CARE TO SPEND ANY ANY ANY TIME TRYING TO GET IT TO WORK, IT DOESNT, I AM A Long Time COMPUTER GUY, I KNOW IT WILL NEVER WILL BE RELIABLE ENOUGH FOR ME BASED ON THE THREADS I HAVE READ. TOO MANY COMPLAINTS I WANT AN INTERNAL. NOTHING ELSE. Actually, If you know of a simple fix I will try-but not If I have to go Find it in Thread Wonderland, please either tell me here or don’t tell me at all. BUT ALSO, Please Answer My Question, I am SO Sick of the WD Panel dissapearing abandoning the drive and when it is there it is saying ‘The System Has Restarted’ …WORST PRODUCT EVER WD. Jesus Christ, I just clicked the WD Panel and it said ‘Firmware Update Successful’ BUT: I DIDN’T DO ANY FIRMWARE ■■■■ UPDATE That was a MONTH AGO. , THIS DRIVE IS INSANE… LESS THAN WORTHLESS I SHOULD BE PAID TO MESS WITH IT… It is taking more than 5 minutes to tell me the Properties of a FOLDER

Yes. It is a WD red drive. Will need to reformat.


Thanks. I assume it will show up in Drive Management to get new partition etc? Theres nothing I need on it…Its an Awful product. 6 hours to delete 5 GB. What a mess…