Will this WD drive work in a docking station?

I just purchased two WD 1003FZEX 1 TB black drives that I planned to use in a docking station. I can’t get the computer to recognize the drives no matter what I do. (I have followed many online tutorials to no avail) Is there a reason that these drives I purchased will not work in a docking station. Is there software I need to install first?
any help is most appreciated

They probably need Initializing and Formatting 1st

Do the drives appear in Disk Management ?

they do not… I tried them on another computer as well. Are there differences in docking stations? could I have the wrong docking station?

Sorry, have never used a docking station …

But bypassing the docking station for a moment, what happens if you connect 1 of the WD1003FZEX1 TB black drives to your PC via USB, (i’m assuming you have them in usb enclosures) ?

I do not have them in any type of enclosure - I am just putting this drive into a docking station. Sorry to be so ignorant about this but I’m not even sure if I have the correct drive? I have an older drive (a maxtor) that I had been using in the docking station and that drive looks the same as the WD drives I am trying to use.
When I first tried this, I used this older drive and it showed up on my computer so I formatted the drive and now that drive doesn’t show up nor does the new WD drives.

if your older drive worked, and then you formatted it and now it doesn’t work …

Sounds like, either an issue with your “Docking Station” or PC

what I am trying to figure out is - are the WD drives I purchased going to work in any docking station? Should I return these drives and get something different?
this is the docking station I am using: