Will these HD's work with the Hub?

Correct me if i’m wrong anyone  …

the Live Hub’s inbuilt Metadata Scraper no longer functions (due to changes in TVDB & TMDB API’s)

I’m running older Firmware and it doesent work … and AFAIK there was no Latest Firmware update to address this.

So, you’ll have to use PC Software … eg. Thumbgen (but even that hasent been updated in over a year … and some people have reported missing metadata such as directors, actors etc)


Tony’s XML fetcher still works though  http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Streaming/TV-Shows-Meta-data-Error/m-p/808647#M33617

or i use XBMC for my Movies and export to a Live Hub compatible XML

and of course the Inbuilt scraper on latest Firmwares for the Live Streaming & Media Player work fine.

Just, remember  theplunger   if you buy a WDTV Live Hub … you’re buying a  Legacy Product

A legacy product is one that is no longer under active development but has yet to be fully retired. Legacy products are no longer available for purchase (brand new) , and no software defects will be fixed (including new issues)