Will the Shuttle XL run on 220V?


I am considering purchasing but often travel to countries that use 220-240V and 50 Hz. Judging from the kind of power cord receptacle seen in photos, I’m guessing it won’t work. (I don’t see it listed anywhere in the specs.) I sure hope I’m wrong!


Yes it will, it has a universal power supply.


Hi Rydia,

Can you please tell me the weight the Shuttle XL (24TB - 8x3 TB drives). I
need to calculate potential costs of transporting it as checked baggage.
(It will be in the Pelican 2720 plus a spare drive.)

Jim Adams
Telling Missionary Stories!


It will be just under 24 lbs.


Rydia: I’ve been out of the country so my thanks to you is late. Thanks!


Rydia, thanks for the reply. I’ve been extremely busy out of country. PS - Bought the Shuttle and have been very pleased to have done so.