Will the freezing ever stop?

So my WDTV live worked perfectly when I had a big cord running along to my router, I couldn’t have wireless because unfortunately my wireless usb dongle even though it was new was not one of the select few that are compatible with the WDTV live (annoying). So I forked out another 80 dollars or so to get one that was, only to find that my player now occasionally freezes mid movie, and won’t unfreeze until the cord has been removed from the back of the machine.

This is very annoying. Are western digital ever going to address this flaw? I would think it should be at the top of their priority list seeing as they claim to support wireless networking at the added cost to the user. now having spent around 150 dollars extra including the non-compatible wireless usb dongle only to find it still doesn’t work propperly…

Apart from this horrible problem the unit is amazing the only thing i could ask for would be better and more responsive user interface.

In summary are WD working towards fixing this fail bug?

You’re presuming that it’s the WD’s problem.

Most of the time when what you describe happens, it’s because the server went unreachable for a moment.  

If you’re certain the WiFi didn’t drop the signal, then that’s one thing.   

But very few people have reported what you describe, so you might consider investigating the reliability of your WiFi signal.

Have to agree with Tony

No problems of freezing mid film for me, time to check your wireless signals/interference.

i am 100% certain it is not my hardware, both the router and the usb dongle are brand new. It works and can work flawlessly for a long time but seems to have a mandatory freeze at least once before it does this. I can read on the forum other people experiencing the same issue how can you say it’s not a common problem? The unit is about 4 meters from a 7800n billion, it could have 10 times that distance and still be in range. Any other ideas besides that?

I should probably posit I am not 100% sure, but it’s unlikely that it is my router or USB dongle, as they are new and work fine for everything else. I am unaware of any such issue where the signal temporarily drops out.

A more detailed example of my fault is that I will be watching a movie, it will freeze and gradually the buttons on the remote will be less and less responsive. If I am quick I can press the back button but browsing folders will be frozen for a few minutes, it will eventually unfreeze but if I try to play movies it will freeze again. 

If I try to power off and on with the remote, when I try play a movie it will freeze.

The only solution is to pull the plug out at the back and put it back in.