Will the EX4 be good for my needs?

Hello everyone, I need a little help.  I’m setting up a gigabit home network and would also like to attach a NAS to it.  My usage would be strictly for home music and blu ray movie rips. All media will be streamed using cat6 and will be played through a WD SMP player hooked up to my TV.  I’ve read so many good and bad reviews about the EX4, I’m wondering if I should get it or look elsewhere.  My main concern is that I don’t get any studder on the blu ray movies.  Any thoughts?  Will the streaming be fast enough for blu ray rips without lag? Thanks!

If i was in your shoes; 

I would seriously consider a PLEX server running on a Synology 

DiskStation DS214play dual bay NAS in RAID 1

Thanks for your opinion.  I have been looking at Synology (DS415play) but wasn’t sure if it was worth the extra money to do the simple tasks I’m going to ask of it.  Since all of my movies are MKV rips going to a WD SMP, I really don’t need a box that does any transcoding…but that’s not to say that wouldn’t change in the future.  Anyone else have an opinion?

I use the EX4 for digital music using ALAC.  Works well and Twonky is reliable.  The GUI is good and does most things well.  SSH is availabe and necessary for more complex operations like backup.

In summary, the EX4 is a good home unit. I’ve had mine for a couple of years to complement another NAS (non WD). The recently released EX4100 is a newer and up-spec’ed unit with more CPU at a higher price point.

Thanks for the heads-up about the EX4100.  Just got done reading several reviews and now I’m leaning towards it for my needs.  I’m going to keep looking , but this one, so far, is on the short list.