Will someone please help me set up My Book?!

I have a Mac and am desperately trying to properly set this up. What is My Book Live? What is the difference between My Cloud and My Cloud Home? Doesn’t matter because I need some 9 digit product key that is apparently on the bottom of every product except mine, obviously. The quick install guide, the only instructions my product came with is an absolute joke. How am I supposed to know if my product is on the same network as my computer? I have submitted multiple tickets, watched you tube tutorials showing me how to plug in the device for 5 minutes. The least user friendly support website… this forum, my last resort before taking it back.

The WD My Book Live is a discontinued device and … which is why you’re not not getting much (none) official support for it.

Try posting in the WD Legacy Forum which is for Discontinued Devices and someone (users) may be able to help you.


sorry, i can’t help you with your problem … i’m just trying to point you in the right direction for feedback.

@kvogel Check this out and see if it helps.