Will pages and numbers files ever be supported?


I’m using WD mycloud app for quite some time and I’m kind of satisfied except for one thing: the missing support of Apple’s pages and numbers files.

The first entry in this community that I could find regarding this topcs is dated from somewhat December 2013! Is it really that difficult to adapt the software in order to be able to finally work with these file formats as well?

And no: downloading the files and opening them within numbers or pages is not possible, since WD mycloud app recognizes them as folders and tries to show me the content.

Probably WD should ask the colleagues from DropBox how to implement the support for Apples files; the dropBox app (don’t mix it with the dropBox feature of WD’s app) is able to handle those file formats.

Personally I would highly appreciate the addition of this feature instead of spending time and effort in a new design of the app.

Please help and fix! Thank you!


I check within the Ideas boards and I couldn’t find a request for this. 

Make sure to add this to the ideas board to see if that can be implemented.

Link to the ideas board: