Will not wake USB HDD

Hey All,

When I power down (via remote) my WDTVLive my Samsung Story 2tb goes to “sleep”. However when powering the WDTV Live back up it does not wake the Samsung.

Any setting or anything else you know I could do?

Thanks for your help


Anyone got any ideas? This is really really annoying…


I have a Samsung Story 1 TB. My WD TV Live normally wakes up the drive.

The only times it didn’t, I pulled out the power of the player, waited a few seconds and put the power back.

My drive then started waking up properly again when turning it on using the remote.

My Story drive has a power switch on it. I sometimes turn off the drive when I power down the player and 

then only turn in on again when I use the player again.

Turing on and off the drive might also work if the drive doesn’t wake up.

Also make sure the USB cable is OK and seated properly as well.

I’ve found the port on the side works better for me (USB1).

You’d be surprised how many USB cables I’ve had to replace over the last few years.

I also make sure I don’t physically disconnect the drive without ejecting it on the player.

I’ve found it confuses the player.

Hope that helps …

Thanks for that. Will keep an eye out for teh cable.

I fear it will be shutting down and restarting each time it cant wake the HDD. It is such a shame as the system is working really well apart from this issue.

If you select local drives->USB through the menu it will wake up the drive.