It doesn’t matter what I do, my WD will not back up all my iPhoto’s. Despite it saying its complete.

I have 10,500 ish photo’s but it only backs up approx 3500.

I have backed it up time and time again and it doesn’t get any better.

I check the App on my iphone and it has all the pictures I have saved backed up until year 2009. After that, according to my WD, I have no more pictures.

I’ve taken thousands since 2009 and its very annoying. Whats going wrong???

My iMac’s bang upto date.

I’ve back it up again tonight and again the same problem, its states its complete.

But, its only backed up half my iPhotos and not added my latest iTunes purchases.

Whats the problem with it???

Help me please or its glying back to the shop lol

Make sure that those files are not protected.

Are you using a files backup or category backup?

Also what is the version of the software?

Sorry but this tech is belong me.

How do I check if they are protected? Plus, why would a third be and not the rest.

Software on iMac is OS X 10.9.

I wouldn’t know the difference between files backup or category backup?

I have transfered them into the MyCloud with no issue. However, what I want is the timemachine aspect of it to back up new things having added them to iPhoto or iTunes etc.

Confuses me as I have 10548 photo’s in iPhoto but only 2587 are detected on the DNLA server on the dashboard. Plus, my iTunes server is turned on.

Sorry I’ve had to turn to this forum but it’s taking up my life trying to resolve it.