Will Mybooklive and WD2GO do what I want?

I am trying to set up a system where Android tablets are used around the building to access MS Office files on a shared disk via WiFi.

The setup must be capable of opening, editing and then saving the files back to the shared disk.

Exactly the same as a PC on a LAN only mobile.

Obviously I would need an Office App but is My Book Live and WD2GO capable of allowing me to do this?


As far as I know, the WD2GO does not allow you to do this in mobile devices, it allows you to transfer and view data, but not to modify.

Does anyone know if WD2GO will be capable of modifying files anytime soon?

This is a feature that is highly desired and on the wishlist to do (much depends on the OS). There is no commitment however that we can do this yet in the short term.

I appreciate you all considering this option. However, I still do not understand why this is an OS issue (Android).  Dropbox has this functionality (on Android), so not sure why the OS is the issue (someone else has done it).

Tony is referring to editing within app and you’re right from the Android platform perspective, all docs are open in third party and then available by our app after modification.  On iOS, it’s a bit different and user needs to sling files between the sandboxes using ‘Open with…’ which doesn’t make for a great experience. This is why we try to do all document viewing within the app and therefore would like the ability to edit within the app. Apple has given us the ability to modify RTF (rich text format) in iOS5 but not much more.

Editing via thirdparty apps is something we are looking at closely even if the experience is different across platforms. Can’t comment on timeline but we are commited to continually improving it and hope to have some good news for you.