Will my new WD My Cloud 4TB Work with Windows Servers?

Can anyone help?

I bought the my cloud personal storage 4TB drive yesterday for a VMware/Vsphere lab I’m going to create. I bought it as I wanted to keep costs down. Is there any reason this won’t work in this type of enviro?

I’ve not opened it as I wanted to make sure it works before I crack on and break the seal on the box.


there is nothing required on the server, just a web browser to configure the mycloud. since this is just network shares the vmware and windows need to be installed elseware as you can’t boot from this

I suspect the desktop app and smartware will wort fine also but they are optional.

the mycould is just accessed as an SMB share

if this is going to move to a live environment at some point I would suggest a higher end NAS device geared towards business use.

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Thank you for the reply. I kind of thought that I just wanted someone to confirm before I broke the seal and was unable to take it back. :D))

Well you did not say how you wanted to use it.  As a place to put stuff on the lan to get to from local or afar it will work. It may even offer block level storage as an ISCI target for your VM’s :slight_smile: