Will my account recognize two hard drives

I have a mycloud 4tb purchased 4 years ago and it has been my backup since then. Fearing a breakdown, I have purchased a MyCloud Home 4tb. Can I run both through my existing wd account? Will it recognize two hard drives or should I establish another account and run them separately or should I just terminate the old mycloud and run the new mycloud home through the old account?

@morrib I have two WD My Clouds and I had to set the second one up using a different email address and having its own password. They are also named different. See image below.


WD My Cloud and a My Cloud Home are completely different but you should be able to set the Home up.

Thanks, it works great and I have discovered that there is an app provided that moves the contents of my old drive onto the new one. It is provided under the services tag at the WD login. YEAH

The various WD softwares allow multiple WD NAS units to be online with one account.

If you have multiple NAS units on the same network; things get slightly confusing as both units by defaultwill try to grab the same router ports to communicate to the internet. However, THE wd servers do seem to be able to figure it out. Not sure how, but you can see the connection annoted as a relay connection when this happens. I get around this by manually assigning ports for http and http on both the router and NAS boxes. Also relevant as the router wants the same ports for VPN access

Glad to hear this NAS, because through the years I have had issues using advancing versions of drives on my network. I started with simple drives and replaced them with “home” devices as they became available, I now have: 2 X My Clouds (4 & 6TB), 2 X My Cloud Homes (8TB each), and just added an EX2 16TB - for a total of 42TB across 5 devices. I’m looking for a network management app/tool that can display and “manage” all on a single LAN. Lan also includes 3 X WIN10 PCs, 2 X printers, DirecTv client, and 2 X HDTVs. Other devices (laptops, tablets, phones, and remote DTV/HDTVs) are connected by a new LINKSYS Velop (great wifi solution). Are you aware of a (WD) network management app/tool that will support this type of configuration?

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Namssog; I am thinking that the tool you need is called a “router”. :wink:

If you have two WD products, or five, the basic theory is the same. They are all network devices on the network. I have fixed IP’s for all the devices (so I can find them faster); but that is optional. DHCP works fine. The router takes care of all the network traffic. Each device has unique “names” so that I can access them easier, but that is technically optional.

If you have multiple NAS’s; external port access for internet connectivity needs to be addressed. This can be done either through the router, or directly on the WD boxes. (not sure about the Homes; but the Clouds and Ex2 have ways to be set up through the dashboard)

The WD app can see them all, even if they are not on the same network. You can also link popular cloud services like GoogleDrive and OneDrive as well if you are so inclined.

I would be curious to read more about the differences between the Home and the MyCloud; As a guy who likes to tweak. . .not thinking I would be happy with the “home” product line.