Will modern drives work in the ShareSpace?

I have a 2TB ShareSpace with the original (WD10EACS) 2x1TB drives. I understand that the enclosure will accept up to 4x2TB drives, but I’m wondering if anyone has tried the modern 2TB drives in the ShareSpace? I’m particularly interested in the “red” drives made specifically for NAS. In this case, the WD20EFRX which is 2TB.


Hi jmvannoy,

WD ShareSpace has gone under legacy and was recommended to use only WD Caviar® Green™ hard drives only. However, you may try to check the WD Red internal hard drives in WD ShareSpace enclosure. It may support ShareSpace as WD Red supports NAS environment but not test yet.

Thank you for the reply. I’m going to take a chance and buy a (used) WD20EFRX (red) drive and test it in the ShareSpace. I’ll update this thread with the results.

I bought a used WD20EFRX from eBay and it works fine in the ShareSpace.

Have loaded up my WDSS with four 2TB red drives, and set the RAID type to stripe. This should give me a speedy 8TB volume, after the RAID finishes building.WDSS%20Building%20RAID

After 30 hours, the RAID finished building. The volume status showed “Formatting” and that took a few more hours. Finally the status change to “Good” and everything is working fine.

Unfortunately 8TB only amounts to 7.16 TB but such is life.