Will it cause problems to simultaneously use WD Smartware Pro and Windows Backup?

I have been using WD Smartware Pro to backup my computer to a My Passport Ultra drive. But having two backup drives is a good thing. Will it cause problems to use Windows Backup (the program that comes with Windows 7) to backup to a separate hard drive?

I ask this because I am thinking that WD must somehow mark that a file has or has not been backed up since modified. That’s the only way an incremental backup could occur. So, I’m concerned that how that ‘markup’ by the WD software my conflict if I start using the Windows backup also. I hope this makes sense. I want two backups, but I don’t want to bog down my computer also.

Thank you for your assistance!


This should not cause any problems since the 2 software work in a different way. Windows backup, is more of a system image, and Smartware backs up all the files. The only thing that might happen is that you try both programs at the same time, which I highly doubt.