Will firmware security updates continue for the DL4100?

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What I would like to know is if, at least, WD will produce and release important and critical security updates?

Hi Myron,

There are no updates released for out of warranty products, not even the critical security updates.

Ok. @Jonty.S, my NAS took an update last night to address 3 security issues. Thank-you for that to whoever decided to release those fixes.

It’s really wrong not to provide at least critical security updates. NAS OSs last a lot longer than the like of Windows OSs and I guess there are quite a number of DL series NASs that are working without problems.

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@Jonty.S @SBrown Just revisiting this topic and concern. It really is wrong not to fix critical and 0-day security vulnerabilities.

@Myron thanks for bringing this post to my attention. The previous statement provided by @Jonty.S is invalid as it pertains to firmware releases for OOW My Cloud products.