Will Firewire drive work with Sierra if get firmware


I got firmware a few years ago to allow my FW drive to work when I upgraded to Yosemite. Will that work with Sierra, too? I have an older iMac (2011ish), with 3.06 GHz core i3 processor. May not want to upgrade if my drives won’t work.


The firmware would have been a one time thing. They weren’t released for specific OS versions. The firmware was to fix an issue with FW800 and a -50 error.


Thanks. Clarifying: The firmware I downloaded for Yosemite will work with Sierra to make my 800 Firewire drives work? No other Sierra obstacles to expect?


Not necessarily. But FW800 itself is an unstable interface on Mac ever since 10.6.8 when Apple stopped supported FireWire.


"but FW800 is unstable ever since 10.6.8. I did not know that! I am using a 2 TB G-Drive for Time Machine backup but it fails intermittently - error occurred while creating the backup folder. I couldn’t unmount the drive - I had to reboot the computer and then I could unmount it and Time Machine would work for a while. I’m at macOS 10.13.1. I just installed Firmware Version today - so far Time Machine works. I’m not too pleased that Apple has dropped support of firewire but I’m grateful G-Technology has released a firmware version to correct the problem.


my G-Drive also has a USB 3 port. I bought a cable ( StarTech SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ) and connected the USB 3 port on the G-Drive to a USB 2 port on my mac. It’s only been a couple of days, but it seems more stable.