Will an RE4 HDD Drive work in my Dell T300 PowerEdge Server?

Hi My T300 is a basic spec machine, it just has the C1 Motherboard SATA Cabled, and has the stock embedded SATA (No Raid, 1-4)

I am going to be using my T300 as a low cost data (music) store, non raid using three additional SATA cabled HDD drives as descrete storage units i.e. drive E, F & G.

This is my boot drive


I know that this RE3 Enterprise class drive WD1002FBYS


drive will work

Do you know if this RE4 drive model WD2003FYPS


Basically RE3 drives are fine but will WD RE4 drives work in my server?

Thanks for your help,


Can anyone help me out with this?

Thanks :smiley:

I have bought two WD2003FYYS Drives so hopefully they will be fine.

All the best for 2011

Simon :smiley:

By way of an update I installed three 2TB RE4 drives as I specified above with a careful format they, seem to be fine thus far. I will continue to test before I populate them.

Simon :smiley: