Will an external HDD be seen as a networked drive?

If I buy a WD My book and plug it into one of the usb ports on the player, will it be seen as a networked drive by my server and allow me to drag and drop files to it remotely? Or will I have to unplug the drive and plug it into my PC every time I want to transfer a file to it? 

yes it will, What to do is download wd tv link, connect ext hdd, then on pc open wd tv link and you will see map drive

Alright awesome, thanks. 

You don’t even need to download WD Link.

On Windows:

-open computer/my computer

-click network

-wait for it to load, then select WDTV Live

-you’ll see the network stroage, just right click and map it

On Mac OS X:

-go to finder, then network

-when it loads, you should see it, same as above

I’m sure it works in Linux too, just don’t have a box running it right now. Can see it on my Android phone as well using ES File Explorer.