Will accidental deletions be synced on the backup?

I previously owned a WD My Book 320 GB, but didn’t know about WD Smartware until I bought a new 1.5 TB drive.

The first backup (of 600 GB) took over  8 hours, and stalled at ~50% complete with the message “partial backup successful”.

I updated the firmware, which required connecting the drive to another computer, and updated Smartware to 1.4, which required two reboots.

Now, when I connected the drive, it was shown as empty.

On the Backup tab, it showed as 0 files backed up. After clicking on ‘Start Backup’, the original partially complete backup is shown as ‘Additional Files’ taking up 437.6 GB. The new backup is shown as currently at ~130 GB, leaving ~950 GB free.

When I look at the My Book in Explorer, I just see one copy of the files backed up, so where are those ‘Additional files’?

Why would Smartware consider them as different files? Isn’t it supposed to resume the original backup?

So I am pretty confused by Smartware.

The question upmost in my mind is this: If an errant process deletes valuable files off your internal drive, won’t Smartware delete those files from the backup as well?

Backup is not the same as file synchronization;

I was previously using AJC Directory Synchronizer, which is not automatic. Each deletion was backed up to a special directory (in case it was accidental), and the synchronization list could be reviewed before you pushed the ‘sync’ button.

Smartware is a back up software not synchronization software it should delete any files backed up. There is also a option on the retrieve tab that states show deleted files.