Will a WDTV update be released in 2016?

Any Codec/Container that is supported in Hardware Decoding will play better the Software Decoding

So while the WDTV is a “gutless” device “processor wise” it handles Hardware Decoding fine for supported formats.

To play VC-1 with Hardware decoding on the AFTS… don’t know, but know there are “hacks” for the Nvidia Shield TV (which by default does not hardware decode VC-1 … pretty increadible for a device that supports 4K and H.265 Hardware decoding)

Don’t use a WDTV anymore … Raspberry Pi 2 much better (plays everything i have great)

And before you ask … no, i don’t play DVD ISO’s (ditched Standard Definition years ago)

Thanks for the additional info. Yes, I “get” and know that hardware decoding can usually do better than software decoding, and thanks for the reminder about this.

I like technology as much as anyone, but I also have lots invested in hardware and software (e.g. DVDs, Blu-rays, as well as a lot of laser discs from the past). Not all my LD videos ever made it to DVD, so I have copied some of my LDs to DVD and digitized them for TV and tablet viewing. Not all my DVDs have made it to Blu-ray; yet I still want ability to watch them on TV and tablets today… Favorite LDs were repurchased as DVD, and maybe even later to BD, but I keep that sort of re-purchasing to a minimum. Tablets show DVD mp4 fine, and use a lot smaller file to do so. 6G files vs 1.5G files in some cases. Also, many BD mp4 files give hardware a rough time, where as DVD ones don’t. It all a tradeoff.

As for my hardware, I know my WDTV is kind of old tech, but if it can play stuff than newer things I have cannot, then I will continue with the WDTV for now. It does not seem the AFTS can completely sub for the WDTV in all departments.

Since you say the Raspberry Pi 2 can, I am more interested in one as well as the Chromebox that Tony mentioned in the other forum. Can you suggest a particular model or a website where I can delve into this more? And, what is your impression of a good Chromebox running Kodi? Thanks for any more help.

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I’m in the same situation.

Did anyone end up finding out if there will be a new WD Media Player released this year?

I just want a plug and play device for around $50. No apps or streaming needed.


$50 AUD is a pretty low budget :neutral_face:
don’t think you’ll find anything for that price … (except maybe an Android Box on Ebay or a Chromecast which is a Streaming device only eg. no plugging in USB flashdrives or harddrives)

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 + Kodi … great media player for local content around $100 AUD (includes Power Supply, SD Card, Case etc)

I also own 2x Android boxes $65 and $100 while they can play 4K H.265 10-Bit etc … which the RPi can’t, they are not as reliable as the Raspberry Pi which plays all my MKV, MP4, AVI etc Perfectly. either via USB (from my 4TB Passport) and via Network Streaming (from my WD MyCloud)

Damnnn. I was hoping that wasn’t the case.

Do you have a link to purchase the complete set up for the R Pi?

nope … try google

me personally, i shopped around and bought all the components separately
only bought the bits i need … eg RPi3 + Power Supply [from Element14 AU] + SD Card [from OfficeWorks 8GB Class10] + FLIRC Case [Best Passive Cooling Case Available]

Don’t need a Remote Control (Panasonic TV Remote Controls the RPi3 via CEC) and already have HDMI and Network Cables. Don’t need a NOOBS SD Card [Software is Easy & Free to Download]

The problem with “Starter Kits” or “Complete Bundles” is they include stuff you are paying for … that you may not, or will not need.
(similar to buying a “Complete PC Computer Package”)


To the best of my knowledge WD is dropping WDTV. I like my WDTV and would prefer a newer version, but I have been forced into trying other options. An android based media player running XBMC is a good option, pick one with a powerful CPU and lots of memory. I am using a MINIX NEO X8-H running XBMC and it seems to be running ok. The only issue is I am use to running video’s off a locally connected disk and copying the video’s to that device over the network. This is not a simply process in android land, especially if you copying 30GB HD MKV files around. My current solution is to use a WD MyCLOUD and connecting to it using smb from my NEO. Seems to work ok. The twonky stuff works the same as a standard WDTV. If you do not have a WD MyCloud you can use your WDTV as a smb server. Note the metadata is different, use something like “Media Center Master” to create your metadata for XBMC.