Will a WD SSD Fit This Computer

Not sure where to ask this. The Amazon page for WD drives has a check fit in computer process which I used. The computer is a Toshiba C655-S5068 laptop. The response from the procedure was “couldn’t find computer”. I don’t know a lot about swapping discs other than the interface (SATA) and mechanical fit (2.5" or 3.5") so any other issues are beyond me. I’m willing to take a chance that a SATA drive will fit and buy one. Just wondering if there’s more to research before clicking the Buy button.

2.5" Drives are pretty much a standard size … makes no sense if they weren’t

It’s only the height aka. thickness that can vary a little

Your Toshiba HDD is 7.0MM Height according this

And a WD Blue 2.5" is 6.8MM according to this

So, it will fit … with .2 of a MM to spare.

Advice: Don’t buy WD Drives (or any Brand Drives for matter) from Amazon or Ebay … they could be Used, or OEM (aka. No Box and No Manufacturers Warranty) or Fake.

Always buy from a reputable retailer … even if it costs more, if’s the safer way to go.

Just a suggestion, my own personal opinion

New drive, don’t clone your old one. Install Windows on the new drive. This way IF there are issues on the old drive, that you may not even be aware of, you won’t have them any longer. :slight_smile:

Also check your BIOS settings and make sure AHCI is enabled prior to installing Windows.

Like I say, just my opinion…

I agree with that … :+1: