Will a cheap wifi dongle work with hub

Just wondering if a cheap 5£ wifi dongle would work with hub? Thanks

I don’t think anyone is able to answer that question unless you name a specifik brand and model.

Theres a compatibility list if you follow this link


I should of asked whats the cheapest that will work :-)nThanks for your reply

You don’t like to do your own research, do you?   You asked Where’s the cheapest place to buy…  What’s the cheapest WiFi that will work?  etc. etc.

You need to read up for yourself so you don’t wind up blaming someone else when it doesn’t work the way you want…

You have the list, now go shopping.  :)

I have this one from Meritline and it works great…

Its on sale right now for $9.50 shipped with coupon code MLCK216244011040NL1 - http://www.meritline.com/airlink101-awll6075-golden-n-wireless-mini-usb-adapter—p-38742.aspx

^ I tried that one and it’s **bleep**e. I tried it, and it was very slow. Meritline has great customer service and they took it back. 

Instead I got the D-link 125.  It’s 15$ at Meritline right now which is a great deal since its $30 elsewhere. 


do you know what speed it was running at… I never had a different one to compare speeds with… I thought it was the fastest you could get, 300mbps.