Wild Media Server

After playing around this weekend with Wild Media Server, I thought I’d give it a plug for use with the WDTV Live. There have been some fleeting mentions of this package in this forum, but they don’t quite seem to do it the extent of credit it deserves.

There have been numerous discussions around issues such as wonky (pun intended) mp4 playback and non working thumbnails. All these issues do not seem to be present when using Wild. It is somewhat more work to configure, but worth it in my opinion. Thumbnail flexibility is a highlight.

Wild is freeware equivalent for now, but this may change later this year. This won’t worry me as it is a wonderful media server for the players in the household.

If you’re having issues, you may well find Wild to be the answer.

Well said. Once I started using this, I realised how much this can improve on the tag sorting, thumbnail customisation and on various order you can catagorize the collections.

I found two main flaws.

  1. Does not recognize .iso format.

  2. No thumbnail support for root folders (movies, music, photos…etc) created by the program & the drive (C:/)  folders.

If WMS can integrate DVD menus (somehow !!) I am ready to pay for this software.

Yes it is better than TVersity as it can serve MKV files flwlessly; which TVersity cannot do.

It recognises DVD ISO files and group all the iso files it finds on your HD under one menu selection called “CD/DVD/BR Image (iso)”.  check it!

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Bingo, I got it. Thanks.

If you add cover art to the MKV file using MKVMerge it shows up in Wild Media Server. No need for the separate jpg. 

Agreed that it does do a good job of looking for default artwork in appropriate places and associating that with the file. For me it is the quite extensive flexibility that is provided for tailoring the properties of each file and most folders. This includes being able to assign any thumbnail such as internal artwork, a snapshot from the movie or external file.

I’ve Wild Media Server installaed on my computer. But it is not listed in my WDTV media servers list, though the server is started. I’m struggling for this.

please post if you have any documentation on this.


Make sure you go into your firewall and give it access.  That is what happened to me at first.

Hi community! 

For me WildMedia Server is hard to configure! Can you please help? I have three clients (2 WD Live) and  one PC with VLC-Player! There is no need for trancoding any video! What must i do? I am confused about all the settings in WMS! 

Best regads