Wifi vs. Ethernet - My Book Live - Mac

I guess I should reword my question. I am having trouble accessing  MBL through an Ethernet connection to my router. I prefer obtaining an internet connection through my Ethernet cable and keeping my wifi turned off. Personal Preference. Somehow I cannot find MBL in the network when I have the wifi turned off. I am still connected to the network through an Ethernet cable and don’t see how this should be an issue. I have MBL hooked up to the same router that I have my computer hooked up to. Can MBL only be used to back up,  and save files, photos music etc. through wifi or can you be hard wired to the same network and access it. If anyone else has been having the same problems, OR if anybody has been able to be hardwired to their network and access MBL through it could you please respond to this post.

You should be able to access the MBL by wifi, or Ethernet, without any issues.  I guess that the issue might be related to your router.  You may try power cycling your router, and if possible reset it to factory defaults. You may also try with another router to see if you have the same results.