Wifi streaming of media from PC?

I can’t seem to find a simply Yes or no answer. I want to buy one and need to know.

Will the WD TV Live stream media from my PC to my TV via wifi, or does it need a cable?

will it stream wirelessly? yes

how well will it stream wirelessly?

now that’s a better question, but the answer is dependant on your specific network

what hardware you have, how it was set up, what protocol you use

how far is the device from your router, how many walls must the signal pass through

this will all effect the playability of a wireless stream

so maybe a better way to simplify,

cable is always better


a network can be properly configured with hardware that can handle 1080P over wireless

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Thank you. My current streamer works well enough, so I’ll give it a try.

Thank you for taking the time to answer a noob question :slight_smile:

The SMP supports “n” Wifi, but as already noted, the bitrate that can be achieved is very much dependent on your networking equipment and setup.  I was only able to achieve about 22 Mbps sustained throughput over wifi, despite the router reporting the connection as 300 Mbps.  A “500 Mbps” powerline unit achieved around 33 Mbps.  While these are both certainly fast enough to support suitably compressed 1080p content, they are not fast enough for blu-ray rips, since these are typically in the 30-40 Mbps range.

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Thanks.  I will be using USB plugged in for any big HD files, and streaming for TV I have downloaded and my anime collection, which are small files of a couple of hundred KB.

Got delivery this morning so excited to see how it all works out.

Cheers again.