Wifi streaming from XP shared folder slow

Hi fellow WDTV fans, I’m having trouble streaming a movie from my XP shared network folder (even low rate 700 mb movies). It takes a few minutes to start up, and then the movie starts to stutter unbearably. No playback issues when connected via USB. The signal is 4 out of 5 (only a few meters between router and wdtv live). Strangly enough streaming from the internet (services) goes rather fluently?! Ping is 5ms on average. There’s more: I’m sometimes having trouble connecting to the wireless router all together. Wep and wpa succeed most of the time, but i didnt manage wpa2 yet. I have little or no connection issues with my android phone and pc using wpa2. should i consider nfs or media server route? is streaming even possible over wifi N? Is my router dying on me? Any troubleshooting suggestions? My Configuration: WDTV live SMP latest firmware WAG325N wireless modemrouter (eh recent firmware) Shared folder on XP SP3 machine

Seems to be the same issue as this one.

Well I tried to stream a movie from a remote usb stick on my wdtv live on my xp machine and it played fluently.  I continued  my experiment with streaming the other way around from my xp share and this time it played the movie fluently (a 2 GB mkv).   But the next day  neither streaming direction worked well?!  

One thing that works consistently good is the ‘Services’ internet streaming (even HD).  Wifi bandwidth doesnt seem to be the problem…

Is there any tool availiable to pinpoint the bottleneck?

I can’t vouch for my WAG325N router, but seeing there’s still plenty of bugs in this mediaplayer, it might as wel be the WDTV Live SMP whos is to blame.  To name a few bugs: I converted my movie partition from Fat32 to NTFS and now wdtv claims my movie directory no longer contains movie media.   After a decoding error, the wdtv refuses to recognize movies it previously played just fine.  Compiling the media every freaking time etc…  I hope Western Digital comes up with another firmware update soon…